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Yashi Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic organisation specially for the new comers those who believe in hard work and overall development as a professional.

YCSPL strives for sustainable long term growth through its National presence and provide cutting edge solutions. Our employee are always valuable for us and we are taking care and guiding them to make their better carrier by way of providing them freedom to work and take decision at their own level.

Above all, our employees can trust for learning and those who are expert can provide their expertise inputs with sharing and freedom environment. With this dedication, YCSPL, a company dedicated to promote their employees, their knowledge, freedom to their work including, business of economic growth, contributes to enhancing the quality of life through state-of-the-art solutions.

Our employees are our asset. The standards, company adopted are always in favour of employees vis-à-vis quality of the work because the standards are always the challenges following which our employees produce the quality work, therefore the company is always making it true at National level by receiving the President Award in Best Practice document and the IT Solutions given for Central Sponsored Scheme has also been considered as best practice application made by YCSPL.

The employees are always today assets for the company meeting the challenges for tomorrow, because the standards are always there to improve upon. We are dedicated to provide best solutions to our clients, irrespective of any bottleneck.

For more than 12 years, and with a team of over 100 skilled / unskilled professionals, we are progressively growing, with the hard work and dedication of our employees team and management skills.

Working Environment

The YCSPL provides an excellent working environment for their employees, the current status of office is having a modern, open, friendly and a creative atmosphere to work. The senior expert team is always available to guide and trained the new comers in Yashi families. The training and knowledge of actual field, central sponsored scheme policies, real estate issues, byelaws, government acts, and all other related issues are being dealt by senior experts and the knowledge are being passed by them by way of very simplest methodology. There is a environment for the celebration of employees special occasion dates and family get together and annual visits, picnic, etc. just to relax and re-energize.

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