Special Project (Government Policy Based)

Special Project (Government Policy Based)


Expertise in centrally sponsored schemes:

  • Smart city
  • Affordable Housing
  • Rajeev AwasYojna (RAY)
  •  Housing for All

Smart city:

Company as JV partner with M/s WAPCOS has empanelment (for planning of Smart city) with MoUD, GOI.

Under this centrally sponsored scheme service level bench mark for water supply, sewerage, Drainage and green area development are to be improve at city level. Company has vast experience of this scheme by way of completion and approval of approximately more than 35 projects of 30 towns


Affordable Housing:

The Scheme of Affordable Housing in Partnership aims at operationalising the strategy envisaged in the National Urban Housing & Habitat Policy (NUHHP) 2007, of promoting various types of public-private partnerships – of thegovernment sector with the private sector.

IHSDP: Integrated Housing & Slum Development Program aims at combining the existing schemes of VAMBAY and NSDP under the new IHSDP Scheme for having an integrated approach in ameliorating the conditions of the urban slum dwellers who do not possess adequate shelter and reside in dilapidated conditions.


Rajeev AwasYojna (RAY):

Rajiv Awas Yojana envisages a ‘Slum-free India‘ with inclusive and equitable cities in which every citizen has access to basic civic and social services and decent shelter. It aims to achieve

this vision by encouraging States / Union Territories to tackle the problem of slums in a definitive manner, by a multi-pronged approach focusing on: