Architecture & Engineering Services

Architecture & Engineering Services

Architectural Services in following sectors

  • Residential Villas
  • Residential Flats
  • Group Housing
  • Heritage Projects
  • Residential Villas: SERIES OF HOUSES (GROUND OR G+1) providing comprehensive services in simple / medium / luxurious nature residential villas pertaining to various income group of the society.

  • Residential Flats: Providing comprehensive services in the various categories of residential flats having their height maximum up to 15m. Vast experience in affordable housing flats .Architectural panning of approximate 10000 numbers of flats all over Rajasthan.


  • Group Housing: Providing comprehensive services in all natures of group housing project even more than 15 storeys. ⦁ Sample
  • Heritage Projects: Providing comprehensive services for renovation and up-liftment of all natures of Monuments through our associate group. ⦁ Sample
  • Institutional: Providing comprehensive services for renovation and up-liftment of all natures of Monuments through our associate group.

  •  Resort/farm House: Providing comprehensive services for planning of resort and farm houses project. Sample Photos


Company is having a very vast experience in preparation of Detailed Project Report in following sector:

  • Engineering Infrastructure (Water supply/Sewerage/Drainage/Green area development /Transport
  • Independent New /Enhancement /Group Housing sector
  • Township
  • Farm / Resort Projects

Engineering Infrastructure:

Company is having vast experience of Surveying, designing ,estimation and preparation of tender documents for Water supply/Sewerage/Drainage for more than 30 towns of state of Haryana and Rajasthan total costing around more than Rs 2500 cr, all reports duly been approved by competent authority.

  •  Township

Company has prepared the Detailed Project Report of State biggest residential township i.e. Prithviraj Nagar Yojana, which has been spread on a approximately 2500 hectare.

The DPR include:
Detailed estimates for Project Cost: 1665 Crore (JDA)

  •  Survey, Road & CD Work, Drainage, Sewerage, Water Supply, Power, Street
  •  Lighting, Arboriculture, Social Infrastructure.
  •  Entire report & design of all infrastructure.
  •  Preparation of Engineering layout plan & drawings as per field requirement.
  •  Mahadev Cotton Mills & Shankar Lal (Bhilwara)

Group Housing DPR:

  • Prepared 8 projects DPR specific to Affordable Housing with integrated infrastructure development.
  • DPR each costing more than 90 cr for Ajmer ,Alwar ,Jaipur under RAY ,MoHUPA, GOI
  • DPR costing Rs 60 cr for Bhatinda under RAY
  • Preparing DPR for Housing under HFA-2022 ,MoHUPA, GOI for 80 towns of Haryana

Resort Project DPR (Special Project) (Private)

  • Diamond Sanjeevani Project, Resort Township
  • Rs. 670 crore resort project
  • Total land area – 265 Acre
  • Location –Shahjahanpur, Neemrana

Industrial Project:

  • DPR for industrial project at Bagru (Private)
  • Land area – 250 Acre
  •  Location – Bagru, Jaipur
  •  Infrastructure Development Cost – 100 crore