Urban & Regional Master Planning on GIS based Application

Urban & Regional Master Planning on GIS based Application


A Regional Development Plan, conceived within the framework of the Regional Perspective Plan is a comprehensive medium term (of 5 years) Plan that consolidates the planning proposals of all urban and rural local bodies falling within the delineated area and provides regional development goals, objectives, priorities, sectoral programmes and their spatial and environmental implications.

The company is providing its high grade services in the urban & regional planning field.

Master Plan:

The master plan is a document to guide and ensure the orderly development of any urban centers and to provide the social infrastructures and amenities for which community living in these centers. It defines the design and regulation of the uses of land which focus on the Physical FormEconomic Functions and Social Aspects of urban environment and the location of different activities being performed within the urban area.

The basic components of master plan are:

  • Town Map
  • Base Map
  • Existing Land Map
  • Draft Land Use Plan
  • Final Land Use Map
  • Master Plan Report
  • Town Map: It shows all the physical features of the town i.e. road network, physical features, important social infrastructure buildings, market yards, warehousing, godowns, etc.   

  • Base Map: Base map is also known as Existing Land use Map on the basis of these proposals is worked out.  
  • Existing Land Map: Major land uses such as: residential, commercial, public and semi public, recreational and circulation are shown in this map.
  • Draft Land Use Plan: The proposed land use plan shows the proposals of the land which is to be put for different urban uses on the basis of future requirements for the horizon year (Plan period of 20 years). Sample Photos

  • Final Land Use Map: On draft land use plan Objections / Suggestions are invited from the public and after examining, the objections / suggestions the land use plan is finalized.

  • Master Plan Report: It is a written document narrating existing characteristics of the town i.e. demographic aspects, existing land uses under each urban activities, heritage conservations, proposals showing use of each land under each category of urban activities,transport network, plan implementation, etc.

Utility Planning (GIS Based Application):

It’s a map showing the various utility / services in layers for the entire city area for e.g. water supply, sewerage, drainage and many other services related with Municipal Services, public health, electricity, revenue, etc. there may be more than 30 layers to represent a city in various layers. The map is very useful for engineering, planning and administrative sector.

Sector Plan:

Sector plan are those by virtue of which a specific part of the master plan has been divided by way of various road networks having road width in the range of 40ft. to 80ft.  The company has excellent expertise for preparation of the sector plans as per the provision laid down in the town planning norms.

Village Development Plan:

This service includes socio-economic and spatial planning of village settlement and cost effective development of infrastructure including water supply, drainage, sewerage, refuse collection and disposal based on community participation and management approach.

Photographs: All village plans

Township Planning:

Township planning is meant to plan the project land area as per the norms and byelaws of state township policy 2010. As per the policy the land area has been divided into following segments:

  1. Land area less than 10 hectare;
  2. Land area more than 10 hectare;
  3. Special township scheme such as: Medical, Tourism, Institutional and others, etc.

We are providing the services for

  1. Preparation of the layout plan as per the land use parameters given in the policy keeping in view of the maximum advantage to the client to be achieved in commercial as well as planning aspects.
  2. Preparation of detailed project report for the township projects and G+3 or more affordable group housing which is compulsory to be provided under the provision affordable housing policy under HFA -2022 by MoHUPA