DGPS, Topographical, Cadastral Survey and Detailed engineering survey:

Company having an expertise team of surveyors having more than 10 years experience in the survey field. Company is providing its services in the various survey fields to the various Government / Semi Government Organizations as well as to private corporate groups.
The company so far as conducted the survey work of more than 50,000 hectares area, related with planning, engineering fields.

The company so far has completed 600km detailed engineering survey of IOCL pipe line ,ERT ,soil stratification ,Cadastral survey of around more than 500 villages ,preparation of LA proposal ,digitization and superimposition of cadastral maps for more than 35 projects .
The company at present having good strength of survey equipment’s DGPS, TS, GPS, digital level machine, ERT, etc machine of high duty with updated calibration.

Housing for ALL:

Presently all over the country affordable housing projects are flourishing and central Government Ministry of urban poverty alleviation is dedicatedly promoting various states and builders by way of lot of incentives. Planners, Engineers, Architects are having excellent job opportunities.
Yashi consulting is very well known at National level in delivering the city level housing plans and projects related with Housing for all-2022.
Presently firm is preparing Housing plan and reports for more than 90 towns of state of Haryana and Rajasthan.